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FIFI pavilion at India Food Forum 2018 in Mumbai from January 17, 2017 to January 19,2017. | FIFI Pavilion at AAHAR 2018 from March 13, 2017 to March 17, 2017 in Pragati Maidan. | 

FIFIForum of Indian Food Importers...see more >>

FIFIForum of Indian Food Importers...see more >>

FIFIForum of Indian Food Importers...see more >>

FIFIForum of Indian Food Importers...see more >>

Membership Information

Primary Members :-

Any corporate entity involved in imports and distribution of Food & Beverage Products

Joining Fee Rs.51,000/- Annual Subscription Rs.10000/-

Associate Members :-

Entities and/or Individuals not who are importers but are involved in Food & Beverage business Consultants, Clearing House Agents, Logistics & Supply Chain Entities, Hotels, Restaurants & Retailers, Government agencies, Consulates, Press/Media and Research Institutions etc.

Joning Fee Rs.100,000/-

Membership benefits :-

  • Networking amongst Importers and other stakeholders involved in F&B products
  • Participation in Domestic & International F&B Fairs
  • Access to important information / circulars related to trade
  • Acesss to various statutory authorities and Govt. bodies
  • Platform to address relevant laws relating to F&B products like FSSAI, Meterology, Animal / Plant Quarantine
  • Highlight issues pertaining to Customs duties, Non Tarriff Barriers, VAT / GST etc.
  • Networking opportunities with FIFI Affiliates such as FSSAI, Images Group (Media), SUSTA, Consulates
  • Culinary Federations and related Forums.
  • Access to classified information, trade statistics and other information relating to F&B Products Market
  • Participation in trade seminars, content conclaves, training programs etc.
  • Assistance in Showcasing at FIFI supported events like Ahaar and Food Forum
  • Access to a Reliable legitimate varied database of Importers , Suppliers and Industry professionals

We assist you in forming networks and partnerships with Retail majors and institutions across the India. As consultative partners in policy making we channelize your inputs in economic and trade policy frameworks.FIFI’s close linkages with the government spawn all levels - Center and state and various Ministries. FIFI’s proactive and inclusive approach focuses on empowering enterprises and raising competitiveness across F&B sectors.

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